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Windows, cladding, conservatories & gutters

We provide window cleaning services for both domestic and commercial properties. We also clean cladding, conservatories and guttering.

We use the water fed pole system for external window cleaning but we can clean windows by hand if required.

How the water fed pole system works

Water is purified using a reverse osmosis system which removes all contaminants and dissolved substances. Pure water attracts dirt and residues. When a window is washed with pure water, the residues that are found on the glass are absorbed by the water and rinsed off.

Purified water is pumped up the pole, through the holes in the brush head and onto the glass. The soft bristles of the brush help to agitate and loosen the dirt on the window.

Water droplets will remain on the glass but because these droplets are pure water, they will dry streak free.

Benefits of the water fed pole system


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